Developing and producing an issue of the LDJ

The editors of each issue of the LDJ work to bring together a group of authors in a community of research and writing practices. Editors and authors collaborate for about 18 months in total, following an overall timeline that goes something like this:

Year PeriodWho / Role Collaborative process
Year 1By end of JulyCo-editorsSubmit your proposal to <ldjournaljsg@gmail.com>
Year 1August & SeptemberCo-editorsDraft and develop a Call for Proposals/Contributions/ CfP/C (articles, interviews, book reviews, and so on)
Year 1 October to DecemberCo-editorsCfP/C sent out to various lists (co-editors may respond to inquiries and give feedback on draft proposals)
Year 2JanuaryContributorsSubmit proposals by a mid- or end-of-January deadline
Year 2FebruaryCo-editorsReview and select
Notify contributors of acceptance
Year 2March to AprilEditors to contributors & Contributor to contributorForm response communities, share proposals, questions, puzzles, outlines, plans, ideas
Year 2End of April-MayContributor to contributor Complete first piece of writing (1500 words?) and get peer responses from within your response community
Year 2June-AugustContributor to contributor & Editors to contributorComplete second piece of writing (2000-3000 words?) (building on, re-working, and extending the first piece) and get peer responses and editor feedback
Choose open peer review or blind peer review
September-OctoberLDJ Review Network Feedback (comments, questions, and responses) from LDJ Review Network members
Years 2-315 Dec–
31 Jan
ContributorComplete third piece of writing (full draft)
Year 3Feb-MarchEditors & JSGFeedback from editors and the Journal Steering Group
Year 3April-MayContributorsFinalised drafts
Year 3June-AugustContributors & editorsFinalisation of all texts, including abstracts and keywords (English and Japanese, plus another language) and author bios (English and Japanese, plus another language)
Year 3SeptemberEditors, JSG, Lay-outProofreading and final checks
Year 3OctoberEditors, JSG, Lay-outPublication