ISSN: 2433-5401

December 2023

The Learner Development Journal follows a Community of Practices approach in which contributors work together, under the guidance of the editors, to develop their research and writing over a period of approximately 18 months for a particular issue under the theme of Learner Development.


LDJ1: Visualising Learner Development (2017)

LDJ2: Qualitative Research and Learner Development (2018)

LDJ3: Learner Identities and Transitions (2019)

LDJ4: Exploring the Supervision Process across Diverse Contexts: Collaborative Approaches (2020)

LDJ5: Engaging with the Multilingual Turn for Learner Development: Practices, Issues, Discourses, and Theorisations (2021)

LDJ6: Learner Development Beyond the Classroom (2022)