LDJ9 – Call for Editors & Themes

​7th May 2023

Hello everyone

This is a friendly invitation for new editors to propose a theme for the Issue 9 of The Learner Development Journal​ ​(LDJ9) due for publication in October/November 2025.

For full details and guidelines about putting together a proposal, please see https://ldjournal.ld-sig.org/guidelines-for-editors. ​To find out more about ​particular issues ​of the LDJ, see https://ldjournal.ld-sig.org/issues/ and for work in progress​,​ ​use​ https://ldjournal.ld-sig.org/in-progress/.

We would love to hear from you by July 31st 2023​ ​about your ideas​ for LDJ9​. 

And if you have any questions or would like to check any details, please do feel free to contact us at <ldjournaljsg@gmail.com>.​ Many thanks!​

Andy Barfield, Oana Cusen, & Tanya McCarthy (LDJ Steering Group)